Mac Pro with Apple Silicon Chip might look like a big Mac Mini

Mac Pro with Apple Silicon Chip might look like a big Mac Mini

Apple refreshes the machines in its catalog quite regularly. The Mac Pro is also entitled to it, although more rarely. A new model would be in preparation, and the novelties would not miss.

The Mac Pro is the most powerful and premium machine in Apple’s catalog. Like any other product, the Cupertino company releases a new model from time to time. It is rumored that a new generation is also in preparation, with an Apple Silicon chip and a brand new design, it seems.

The Mac Pro with Apple Silicon might look like

Apple is slowly but surely updating its machines with variants of its brand new Apple Silicon M1 home chip. It was obvious that, in the end, its entire catalog would be entitled to it.

It was therefore not surprising to learn that the American giant would be working on an Apple Silicon version of its Mac Pro. And concerning this machine, this change of processor could be accompanied by a serious cure of slimming for the computer.

To a big Apple Mac mini

As to exactly what she might look like, that’s a whole different story. Jon Prosser, a well-known FrontPageTech leakster, recently posted a video in which he shares some information about this future Mac Pro.

According to its sources, the redesign of the Mac Pro would make it look, in a way, like an Apple G4 Cube. An era that goes back many years already.

And the renderings he shares in the video point in this direction. Some will see it more as a larger version of the Mac mini. Everyone will have their own opinion.

Still, this design does not look bad and it would certainly make the machine much more transportable. Apple had tried to make a more compact Mac Pro a few years ago, but people apparently didn’t like the odd design at all.

For now, no one knows when this new Mac Pro could be made official. There are rumors that it shouldn’t be waited for this year, so the launch would arrive in 2022, at best. Patience, patience.

Rachel Maga
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