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League of Legends: Fortiche Productions’ Arcane Animated Series to Air on Netflix

The American platform Netflix will be in charge of broadcasting League of Legends: Arcane next fall.

Unveiled in 2019 for a release in 2020, the animated series League of Legends : Arcane produced by the French of Fortiche Productions with funding from Riot Games had finally been postponed several times due to the global coronavirus pandemic. If the schedules of many production companies are still upset, especially on the side of the film industry, the arrival of the famous MOBA on the small screen is finally dated. Scheduled for this fall worldwide on Netflix, the story follows the origins of two iconic LoL champions, and the power that separates them, deep in the utopian region of Piltover and the oppressed slums of Zaun.

Un trailer pour League of Legends : Arcane

Arcane was created as a love letter to our players and our fans, who always ask us for more cinematic experiences to take them deep into our universe and our League of Legends champions.“Said Shauna Spenley, director of the Entertainment division at Riot Games. “Netflix, with its incredible international brand and its taste for quality products, is the perfect partner to help us bring Arcane to our players around the world.

Dominique Bazay, director of original animation for Netflix, adds: “League of Legends has been able to bring together a large community of fans across the world, and we are excited to be the receptacle for the very first TV series in this universe. Arcane promises a visually spectacular adventure that is sure to hook spectators to their seats.

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