Society continues to evolve in the digital age. Companies face the digital transformation with greater maturity and make increasingly accurate decisions when choosing their infrastructure and starting their migration to the cloud. For this reason, I want to give you some keys to choose the best cloud strategy for your business .

And, to do so, I am going to summarize an article by OVHCloud , experts in this field, who state that “ digitization also generates new needs , which is why both public and private companies must adapt to the new reality, betting, mainly, on hybrid cloud or multicloud strategy”.


Cloud technology allows you to enjoy computer resources and services through the Internet. It has now become an integral part of the digital transformation of companies and is divided into three main solutions. Thus, the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) modality consists of entrusting the entire physical infrastructure to a cloud service provider that is responsible for the maintenance of the hardware, the hypervisor and the network. The client can add the resources they need directly through the latter.

For its part, Plateform as a Service (PaaS) is a model that allows access to a programming or development platform through the Internet, so it allows programming with total freedom without having to worry about the maintenance of the platform.

The third cloud computing solution will be Software as a Service (SaaS) , a system that allows access to software programs through the network. The end user does not have to worry about installation or maintenance, since the SaaS service provider takes care of everything. The client only has to contract a subscription to be able to enjoy the solution.


Finally, the post states that “companies currently need modern and reliable infrastructures to host their sensitive data. By opting for a digital transformation strategy based on a hybrid cloud or multicloud , you will be able to benefit from the advantages offered by the technologies at your disposal with the best price-performance ratio”.

In this sense, “hybrid or multicloud architectures guarantee the durability of your infrastructure and your data. A good strategy will allow you to have an optimal level of security and compliance , as well as offer better guarantees to your customers. And we must be prepared to face any unforeseen event: natural disaster, pandemic, human error… Being prepared in the event of an accident will limit the possible impact of these unforeseen events on your activity. Therefore, it is essential to guarantee both the redundancy and the sovereignty of its infrastructures and data.”

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