Is the notch of iPhone 13 (provisional) narrower? Dummy unit photo released

Is the notch of iPhone 13 (provisional) narrower? Dummy unit photo released

It was rumored that the notch (notch at the top of the screen) of the 2021 flagship iPhone 13 (provisional) series will be smaller, but a photo of a dummy unit to support it has been released.

The Mac treasure appraisal blog, which has a reputation for the authenticity of information overseas, has obtained a 3D print mock that is said to be the “iPhone 2021 6.1-inch model.”

It is not uncommon for third-party accessory makers to obtain their own dimensional information and create this type of dummy unit to prepare their products before official announcement, and it is leaked every year.

Comparing this dummy unit with the current iPhone 12 Pro (also screen size 6.1 inches), the “active area of ​​the sensor housing”, that is, the notch height has changed from 5.30 mm to 5.35 mm, and the width has changed from 34.83 mm to 26.80 mm.

It seems that it has become. In other words, it is smaller in the horizontal direction and slightly higher in the vertical direction.

This seems to be pushing down the entire notch as the front speaker/microphone has been moved into the upper bezel. Along with that, the infrared camera and floodlight illuminator (both parts for face recognition Face ID) on the left side of the speaker/microphone fit in the empty space of the speaker, and it seems that the width is narrowed.

The selfie camera has also been moved from the right side to the left side of the speaker/microphone.

Following the prediction by renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo that the notch width of the iPhone 13 series would be narrowed, the photographs called windshield parts also strengthened its credibility.

However, the iPhone 2023 model is expected to shift from a notch to a punch hole (a design that embeds a selfie camera at the bottom of the screen and makes a hole in the screen to secure visibility). If the screen design changes, iPhone app developers will have to adapt to it, which can be a daunting task.

Rachel Maga
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