We’re hearing more and more about the next generation iPhone, despite the fact that the Cupertino giant launched the current series of smartphones just a few months ago. After the rumors of the last few days, according to which the Pro models would enjoy a series of exclusive features, back to discuss iPhone 15, and more specifically its premium.

Apple continues to work on the design of the next iPhone 15

The last two generations of iPhones have a fairly similar overall design to the current generation, with a flat back panel and rounded corners. However, not long ago there was talk that the next iPhone 15 could instead present a look more like the old iPhone 5C, and thus sport a slightly more rounded body.

However, according to the latest rumors, Apple would still not be entirely convinced by this choice and would continue formulating and reformulating the design of the next iPhone 15. In other words, even the next generation of iPhones could continue to offer the same look that we have seen in the previous series, without any substantial change.

On the other hand, however, there is talk of the possibility that Apple could use Titanium to build the structure of the side frames, and if this happens, it means that the next smartphones will have some of the highest quality materials in the product. . never used on any other iPhone. what do you think about it? Leave a comment and tell us. And if you liked our article, share it on social networks: a simple gesture is enough to support us!

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