The next iPhone 13 series is expected to be announced and released this fall, probably in September, which is just two months away. At this time, the customary dummy model was released the other day, but the new image was posted on SNS in China.

This photo was posted on a major Chinese social network, after which Duan Rui, a well-known leaker (who disseminates influential information about unreleased products of interest), clarified the source and tweeted.

Weibo user Otaku Mayor, who originally posted the leaked photo, had previously published a mold photo of the iPhone 12 series before it went on sale, and it was accurate in every detail.

There are four photos called the iPhone 13 series this time, and according to the mayor of the otaku village, this dummy is due to the person who accurately created the iPhone 12 dummy (above) last year, and it is considered to be highly reliable.

Like the photo leaked just a few days ago, the latest dummy model image also has a slightly smaller notch.

Also, it seems that the two rear cameras of the standard model (6.1 inch) and mini (5.4 inch) that are not high-end Pro are arranged vertically in the iPhone 12 generation, but they are arranged diagonally. I speculate that the reason for this is that the US 9to5Mac improves AR (Augmented Reality) performance by providing horizontal and vertical parallax.

These dummy models are typically created from CAD drawings leaked by someone in a factory in Apple’s supply chain. It wasn’t provided for free, but it seems that a third-party company that manufactures accessories for the iPhone paid some price to make its own product in advance.

Previously, the Mac treasure appraisal team, which has a reputation for authenticity, has a small notch (narrow width) in the iPhone 13 series because the front speaker and microphone have moved to the upper bezel and the space is empty for Face ID.

He explained that it was because the infrared camera etc. was settled. After that, the dummy model video of iPhone 13 Pro Max (provisional) released by the technology YouTube channel Unbox Therapy also confirmed such a change in arrangement.

As for the iPhone 13 series, the screen size is the same as the iPhone 12 series, which consists of 4 models: 5.4 inch mini, 6.1 inch standard model and Pro, and 6.7 inch Pro Max.

And the annual camera enhancement is that both Pro models are equipped with sensor-shifted image stabilization (currently only the 12 Pro Max), and autofocus is added to the ultra-wide-angle camera. In addition, it is almost accepted that the 120Hz display will be used only for Pro.

On the other hand, the standard model and mini are not rumored to have any noticeable new features other than the addition of sensor-shifted image stabilization to the rear camera other than the ultra-wide-angle lens.

The following year, the 2022 iPhone 14 (provisional) is expected to be embedded under the display and fingerprint authentication will be restored, so if you want a complete model change, you can wait another year.

However, the prevailing view is that the 5.4-inch mini will be the last to hit the iPhone 13th generation, and those who love this size may have no choice.

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