An arrest warrant was carried out against the youtuber Yoseline Hoffman, better known as YosStop, for the crime of pornography to the detriment of a minor. The arrest was carried out by the Investigative Police in the Benito Juárez mayor’s office.

After reading her rights, she was transferred for her medical certification and subsequent admission to the Santa Martha Acatitla Women’s Center for Social Reintegration.

Last March, Yoseline Hoffman was denounced for the crime of child pornography and rape equated against the young woman Ainara Suárez.

This was released on the young woman’s Instagram account, who uploaded what she had done in her stories, as well as an image of the legal complaint filed by her team of lawyers against the social media influencer and against five other people: Nicolás B, Carlos R, Julián G, Axel A and Patricio A.

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The events, narrated in the complaint, took place on May 25, 2018 when Ainara Suarez Olvera, who was 16 years old, went to the home of Axel “A” to participate in a party where alcoholic beverages were consumed.

Under the influence of this, the young men abused the teenager by inserting a bottle into her vagina and also recorded the video and took photographs of the event and disseminated them through different channels, constituting the crime of child pornography.

And it was last March when Ainara Suárez made a complaint on social networks to subsequently proceed legally against Yoseline, for allegedly storing and disseminating that video.

Controversy of Yoseline Hoffman

Other controversies in which the youtuber Yoseline Hoffman led her to be singled out on social media as “Lady Sabritones. The latter emerged in 2019 when she starred in an altercation with the captain of a yacht in which she and her friends were transported to Isla Mujeres to celebrate her birthday.

In the videos that emerged at that time, the influencer was seen singing “Puto”, by Molotov, to the yacht captain. And it is that according to what happened was that after swimming the captain stopped the music and told them to leave, but they still lacked time; then the problem began.

Other characters with whom she has had conflicts have also been the youtuber Caelike, who has also spoken previously about rape issues as he did about the case of Karla Souza whom he blamed when considering that if having relations with someone for intimidation or commitment is rape “Then you are lost” and considered it ridiculous to make the complaint ten years after the events.

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