iOS 16 would finally allow an always-on screen on iPhones

iOS 16 would finally allow an always-on screen on iPhones

iOS 16 is making headlines before WWDC 2022. Some new features are already emerging.

While the traditional annual conference dedicated to developers WWDC 2022 will open its doors in a few days, details regarding what the Cupertino company could announce are beginning to surface. In his latest Power On newsletter, Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman suggests that the Apple brand has a lot to share about the upcoming major update to its mobile operating system, iOS 16, including improvements to the lock screen. Mark Gurman also argues that this next version of the OS will include wallpapers with capabilities similar to widgets.

iOS 16 is talking about him before WWDC 2022

In addition, iOS 16 would include support for the always-on screen feature, which would initially be reserved exclusively for iPhone Pro. This option would allow compatible devices to display notifications and other interesting information without the need to fully wake up the screen and therefore the device. It’s a feature that’s been available on many Android smartphones for a long time already, and Apple seemed to want to integrate it into its iPhone 13 last year before, unfortunately, changing its plans.

Some new things are already emerging

Mark Gurman therefore withdraws his previous predictions, saying that iOS 16 will also include improvements in the operating system’s management of multitasking and windowing. The journalist cites a recent tweet from developer Steve Troughton-Smith which shows that Apple is working on an option allowing iOS users to resize their application windows. This is a feature that would be especially useful on the iPad.

Mark Gurman explains that he also expects Apple to add new social features to Messages. The man does not provide any details on this point. Fortunately, we shouldn’t have long to wait as WWDC 2022 officially kicks off on June 6th. Apple will then tell us everything there is to know, or almost, about this highly anticipated iOS 16.

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