iOS 16 was presented this week, and although there are still a few months left before it is officially available to all users with a compatible terminal, the truth is that its betas are revealing a lot of hidden functions.

Among the great news of iOS 16 in the health section, in addition to the new fitness metrics in conjunction with watchOS 9, Reminders for medications or vitamins are included. It’s an especially useful feature for those looking to replace third-party apps and not forget to take their medication.

However, in addition to medications, iOS 16 also includes special reminders for those who wear contact lenses. In this sense, Health has included a new section called Vision Prescription, in which users can add their vision data. Those who suffer from vision problems with nearsightedness or astigmatism they will be able to add their prescriptions and the data of their contact lenses to health.

Data of the glasses and the contact lenses in Health of iOS 16

Yes, iOS 16 also adds reminders so that we can store the data of our contact lenses and add reminders to replace them according to the manufacturer’s prescription.

However, a qualification must be made here. Recurring reminders for lens or eyeglass replacement are not included, as is the medication feature. rather be It is a notice for when the prescription expires and it is time for renewal. The Reddit user who discovered this feature explains it this way:

“There is an option to fill in the expiration date of the prescription, as well as the brand name for contact lenses specifically, but I’m assuming this is for when the prescription becomes invalid. The glasses also have an expiration date field.” expiration and obviously the glasses don’t expire haha.

Once the expiration date passes it shows the date in red but I don’t see it triggering any other features.”
At the moment we will have to wait for future betas to see if reminders are added for the monthly replacement of contact lenses, for example, but it is an especially useful function for those with vision problems.

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