With iOS 15, Apple decided to integrate a drag and drop functionality. To import images and text into an application more easily.

Our computers offer a number of very practical features that allow you to save time on a daily basis and we sometimes find ourselves dreaming – and pestering moreover – that some of them also exist on our smartphones and tablets. This is particularly the case with drag and drop. An operation that will extend further over iOS 15.

iOS 15 will allow drag and drop of text and images

Dragging and dropping a file onto your computer is extremely easy, and very fast. Do the same on their iPhone? It is difficult, if not almost impossible. That being said, with iOS 15, Apple intends to make this much easier. Indeed, the Cupertino company wants to allow users to drag and drop text or images between applications.

This means that, thanks to this feature, you will be able to drag images found online or in your gallery into other applications, such as your email client or an application like Dropbox. The option also works with text. You can then drag entire paragraphs from a website or email to an email application, for example. This sounds very useful, but we are not yet fully convinced.

Will it be more efficient than copy and paste?

The question will be whether this drag and drop will really be faster than a copy and paste. The fact that the user has to highlight a paragraph of text means that you just have to tap copy and then paste into the target application and voila. On the other side, it will be necessary to swipe the text through the multitasking interface to find the target application, which seems more tedious.

However, it is possible that there are a number of advantages that are not yet seen. Still, users will at least have a choice and an alternative to perform this kind of action. Which is always a good thing.

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