Intel does not want to limit itself to the hardware and also seeks to impose itself on the software side. On the occasion of the company’s Vision 2022 keynote, the group’s CEO, Pat Gelsinger, has confirmed that he wants to do more in the area of ​​software as a service (SaaS), which will translate into larger purchases of companies specialized in this area.

If the foundry specializes in chip manufacturing, the software it develops is also important and allows customers to get the most out of their equipment. Pat Gelsinger announced that Intel is committed to developing more open source interfaces and tools, taking the example of Wi-Fi, however, the company reserves the right to offer its own proprietary versions but always derived from open source technology.

The founder’s ambitions in the field of service are numerous. Not long ago, we learned that the group had acquired the startup Ananki, which markets private 5G services for businesses. On a side note, we recently saw a press release mentioning a mysterious “Project Endgame,” which will allow customers to use future Intel GPUs from the cloud for a ” low-latency, always- on” computing experience.

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