• Intel and Samsung unveil a prototype PC with a stretchable screen, a 13-inch panel that becomes 17 inches by pulling on it.

In recent years, screen technologies have made quite significant progress, in particular making it possible to produce flexible panels. While we only have a very small glimpse of the possibilities today, tech companies are thinking about use cases every day. Why not, for example, a laptop with a stretchable screen? This is what just presented Intel.

Intel and Samsung unveil prototype PC with stretchable screen

Between several long-awaited announcements, Intel found the time to share a very nice surprise during its Innovation 2022 conference. After Samsung Display CEO JS Choi joined him on stage, Intel boss Pat Gelsinger, demonstrated a PC concept with a “stretchable” screen fitted with an OLED panel that can therefore be stretched at will. By pulling the side of the prototype, Pat Gelsinger expands the device’s 13-inch screen to 17 inches. To put it another way, this concept has grown from the size of a large tablet like the iPad Pro to that of a small monitor.

A 13-inch slab that becomes 17 inches by pulling on it

“Today we are announcing the world’s first 17-inch stretchable PC display,” JS Choi proclaimed loud and clear to his audience. “This device will satisfy a wide variety of needs for a large screen and full portability.” Samsung Display has been working on stretchable OLED displays for a few years. The South Korean company even demonstrated a prototype last year. Pat Gelsinger explains that this PC concept is only one option among all that is possible with OLED screen and flexible plastic substrate technologies. That being said, don’t expect to see such a device on sale for several years, if ever.

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