Instagram has promised to introduce a mechanism to “induce” teenagers to stop watching potentially harmful content and to encourage them to take a break.

Nick Clegg, vice president of global affairs for Facebook (Instagram’s parent company) and former UK deputy prime minister, told CNN and Reuters that he would make further efforts to protect teenage users.

He made a statement and explained two measures. We are in the midst of growing criticism due to the long-term inconvenience caused by the failure of Facebook and related services.

One new initiative is to encourage teenage users to view the same content over and over again if the system determines that it doesn’t lead to their well-being. No further specifics are mentioned, but it also states that Facebook’s algorithms “should be held accountable,” including regulations if necessary.

Craig also added that he plans to introduce a feature called “take a break” to encourage teens to simply take a break from using Instagram.

Although the schedule for when these two will be introduced has not been revealed, it is true that Instagram has recently made a move to protect minors. In August of this year, we announced a policy to detect mackerel reading and spoofing with AI, as users who are not registered for age will be suspended.

Facebook has previously been planning a service for children, “Instagram Kids,” but it has been temporarily criticized by human rights groups and those who are concerned that the use of SNS at a young age will promote bullying. The idea was being forced to cancel.

The Wall Street Journal also reported on Facebook’s internal document that Instagram was found to have a negative impact on the mental health of young people, especially teenage girls. For example, Instagram leaked findings that one in three people worsened their body complex and increased anxiety and depression.

In order for Facebook and Instagram to continue to grow, it will be essential to secure young teenage users. I would like to keep an eye on future developments as to whether the wind will be weakened by launching protective measures for the younger generation one after another.

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