Instagram is testing a slight design change for its Stories

Instagram is testing a slight design change for its Stories

Instagram is testing a design change for its Stories. Vertical navigation makes its appearance.

Currently, Instagram stories can be watched by swiping the screen to the left. It is then possible to switch from one Story to another by swiping left or tapping on the left or right of the screen to navigate between several publications.

That being said, according to Matt Navarra, it looks like the company is testing right now something slightly different, but not completely new. Explanation.

Instagram is testing a design change for its Stories

Matt Navarra’s tweet shows that Instagram is currently testing a subtle design change in its Stories. It would now be possible for users to navigate between Stories vertically. And if that sounds familiar, that’s because this method is already used by TikTok and YouTube Shorts, among others.

It would seem that this way of proceeding is more intuitive insofar as the vertical scrolling down resembles the “normal” scrolling of a website, unlike a horizontal scrolling to the left or the right.

Vertical navigation makes its appearance

It is possible that by adopting a more familiar gesture, Instagram hopes to attract more users to its platform, with a transition from TikTok or YouTube Shorts which will be easier. At the same time, it could encourage more creators to use the said platform.

As Matt Navarra points out, Instagram previously said it had a prototype of this version of Stories navigation in February 2021, but it wasn’t released to the public at the time. It would seem that the teams have now made enough progress on the subject for this to be the case, even if it is only a test today.

Depending on the results of this experiment, Instagram will decide whether or not to offer it to everyone. To be continued !

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