Ortega Cano is discharged after being admitted urgently

Ortega Cano is discharged after being admitted urgently

Joseph Ortega Cano was admitted last Thursday in a Madrid hospital suffering from an intestinal obstruction. The bullfighter began to feel strong discomfort in his stomach and it was his own daughter, Gloria Camila, who brought him to the clinic to receive medical attention.

After undergoing several tests and treatments to alleviate the pain, it seems that his state of health has improved so much that he finally the widower of Rocío Jurado has been registered, as shown in the images at the top of this page.

Around noon of This Saturday, January 15, José Ortega Cano left the hospital and he did it accompanied by his inseparable wife, Ana María Aldón. Visibly recovered, the bullfighter has greeted the press and has made it clear that he is well with a nice gesture with his thumb.

After collecting the pertinent documentation in the emergency wing, the teacher went on his own to the car in which his wife was waiting for him, and together they headed home.

As soon as the news broke that Ortega Cano had been admitted, it was his own daughter who conveyed a reassuring message in ‘It’s already noon’, the program in which she regularly collaborates:

He is fine and within what has happened to him he is stable”. In addition, Gloria Camila also thanked all the signs of support and affection received through her social networks.

The family has had to deal with different health bumps in recent weeks. In fact, Ortega Cano himself had to spending Christmas apart from his wife and young son because they had been infected with coronavirus.

Although they eventually recovered without complications, the youngest of the family did require hospital care the first few days because he had a very high fever.

On behalf of Ortega Cano, the right-hander has been suffering from coronary problems for a long time, and it was this same summer when had to undergo heart surgery.

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