HP servers hacked to mine cryptocurrencies. The hackers could have generated the equivalent of $ 110,000 in Raptoreum.

There are several methods to earn crypto-currencies. Among these, it is possible to buy or exchange them through exchange platforms. Another method is to mine the said crypto yourself. That being said, mining can be tricky as to mine effectively, or at least relatively profitably, you need a pretty impressive machine setup.

HP servers hacked to mine cryptocurrencies

If you can’t invest enough to mount a proper mining operation, what’s the other best option? It turns out that hackers came up with the idea of ​​hacking into existing servers.

According to several recent reports, a group of hackers managed to break into a data center full of HP servers and use these machines to mine cryptocurrencies for an amount equivalent to $ 110,000.

Reports explain that hackers infiltrated HP’s servers and reprogrammed them to mine Raptoreum. If these servers are indeed manufactured by HP, it is not HP that was hacked. At the time of writing, it is not clear which company was affected by this hack.

Hackers could have generated the equivalent of $ 110,000 in Raptoreum

It has also been suggested that hackers exploited the Log4J vulnerability to gain access to these servers. In any case, this is not the first time that we hear about pirates who invite themselves on machines to mine cryptocurrencies.

In the past, we’ve even heard of malware targeting devices like home computers and even mobile devices to mine crypto without the knowledge of their owners.

And there is no doubt, given the craze for crypto-assets, that this kind of misadventures will multiply, in all areas, both on professional machines and on those of individuals. Caution is needed more than ever.

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