Ads can interfere with your playlist or your favorite album playing. Therefore, knowing how to remove Spotify ads is a very useful measure to listen to music and podcasts without interruptions on your computer, mobile phone or any other device.

Ads are exclusive to the free version of Spotify. To remove them, the streaming platform offers the Spotify Premium subscription, with options starting at R$19.90 per month and plans to share between two to six people in a family group.

How to subscribe to Premium and remove Spotify ads

When browsing the streaming platform, an “Upgrade” button appears. Click or tap on the option to go to the Spotify Premium page and check available plans. As soon as you confirm payment for your subscription, your account will be updated and ads will be removed automatically while you are part of Premium.

In addition to using credit and debit cards, it is also possible to subscribe to Spotify Premium with a boleto or prepaid card. In some cases, the platform even offers a free month for new subscribers.

Is it possible to use ad blocker on Spotify?

In addition to traditional ad blockers, there are a variety of extensions that completely mute or block Spotify ads, whether on the web or desktop app. This feature may work, but it violates the platform’s user guidelines and could compromise your account.

In March 2019, Spotify updated the terms of service to address the use of these blockers. As per the guidelines, it is not permitted to “circumvent or block ads or create or distribute tools designed to block ads”. Violating this condition may result in account termination or suspension. Therefore, the choice to use these tools is at the user’s own risk.

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