Since 2018, Google users have unlimited space in the cloud to store their WhatsApp backups. No matter how many chats, videos and images they contain, the backup copy is saved without affecting the space of 15 Gb that all Google accounts have in Drive, but that could change soon.

Last January, the specialized media WABetainfo published that it had found clues in the WhatsApp code that announced the future implementation of a limit on the space that a data backup can occupy WhatsApp in Google account. This will put WhatsApp users on an Android phone in a situation similar to those on iPhone, whose backup is accounted for in the cloud storage space corresponding to their iCloud account.

In any case and beyond when this modification becomes effective and the limit that is decided, a good maintenance of the application ensures that the backup copy that WhatsApp also stores locally do not suppose a problem of space in the mobile and that both the saving of the copy and its restoration are faster processes.

We explain what you can do to keep your WhatsApp backup as small as possible and not be a problem in the future:

Exclude videos from backups

The fastest way to fatten up a backup is to leave the multiple videos that are shared in many conversations and groups in it. To do so, you must access the Settings WhatsApp and select Chats > Backup> deactivate include videos.

Use the WhatsApp storage manager

The application has a practical tool to delete content from the chats that is reached by following the route Settings > Storage and data > Manage storage.

Once inside, WhatsApp shows you the multimedia files that have been exchanged in the application classified by contacts and groupsin addition to for size (above 5MB) and forwarded many times. Choose a category and select the ones you want to delete.

Configure WhatsApp so that everything is not downloaded automatically

The default configuration of the application allows all the files that are sent to you by WhatsApp to be downloaded automatically, with the consequent use of storage space.

To change this behavior, you must access Settings > Storage and data > automatic download > uncheck all the boxes in Download with mobile data / Download over Wi-Fi / In data roaming.

Adjust the size of the images you upload to the chats

You can’t do much about the size of the images that are sent to you, but you can do about the ones that you upload to the chats and that will be incorporated into the backup.

To reduce the size by adjusting the quality you must select Settings > Storage and data > Photo upload quality > select data saving.

Delete unnecessary chats

Conversations with old contacts with whom you are not going to speak again, groups in which you no longer participate, specific conversations with unusual contacts… everything that does not have a value to keep it, remove it.

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