Elegant Afternoon Tea

Create an Elegant Afternoon Tea for Your Mum’s Birthday

If you’re looking to make your mum feel special on her birthday, then afternoon tea is a brilliant option. This has been around since the 19th century as a bridge between your meal at lunch and your dinner after 8 pm. An afternoon tea elegantly ensured that you wouldn’t get hungry or thirsty in the late afternoon. For the upper classes, this comprised of tea and a light snack, while for lower classes it would be tea and vegetables or perhaps meats on special occasions. Today, it’s seen as a luxury meal where you’ll enjoy a relaxing portion of tea, sandwiches, scones and cakes. Below, we explore how you can create an elegant afternoon tea for your mum’s birthday.

What do you need?

There are essentials you need to be able to create your afternoon tea. Some quality tea leaves, teapots and cups are all necessary to bring style and class to your afternoon tea. On top of this, cake stands and a lovely garden setting can really take your afternoon tea to the next level. Just consider the food and drink your mum loves and tailor your essentials to this.


Naturally, the food is crucial for afternoon tea. If you’re a confident baker then you could consider making your own scones, cakes and pastries for the tea. However, even if you’re not hugely proficient, you should be able to buy premium sweet treats while also making your own sandwiches. Just make sure you cater for everyone’s dietary requirements, and you should be able to lay on a fantastic spread.


Your mum’s favourite tea will go down well for the big afternoon. But you can also add other drinks too. Summery sodas will keep the kids entertained, while you can also pick out a bottle of memorable champagne for the adults to mark the special occasion. Plus, a few subtle cordials can ensure that everyone remains well hydrated.

Extra touches

Finally, you need to consider the finishing touches to make your mum’s birthday special. Decorations and balloons can help create a special atmosphere in your home and if you’re feeling particularly ambitious, a flower display will be exciting too. On top of this, you should get a birthday cake in amongst your sweet treats to celebrate your mum’s birthday. Ultimately though, the afternoon tea can accompany your mum’s birthday card as a special gift to mark the occasion.

An afternoon tea can be a sweet gift to celebrate your mum’s birthday. And by following the advice above, you should be all set to throw a special and relaxing afternoon tea for the whole family.