Google announced that it will deploy its Duet AI assistant across all of its Workspace apps, including Gmail, Drive, Slides and Docs.

Google announced last Tuesday that new artificial intelligence (AI) tools in its Google Meet video telephony services will be able to “attend” in place of the user at a meeting and take notes.

“With the ‘attend for me’ feature, Duet AI will be able to participate in the meeting in your place, make your message heard and, of course, prepare a summary for you,” the company highlighted in a statement.

Among the new features of Google Meet, which were announced today as part of the Google Cloud Next event, are: closed captioning with automatic translation in 18 languages, note-taking, summarizing and creating clips of the meeting.

Users will also be able to speak privately with a Google chatbot to review details of the conference in progress.

AI will be able to replace users in meetings with Google Meet.

According to Dave Citron, Google’s senior product manager for Meet, there have been three “eras of innovation” for video conferencing.

The first was the pandemic, when many people first used these services; the second was the return to a hybrid work environment; and the third is now, with the advent of AI.

“Now is the inflection point that we reached in the last eight months with LLM language models and diffusion models,” Citron said.

Google announced today that it will roll out its Duet AI assistant across all of its Workspace apps, including Gmail, Drive, Slides and Docs for a monthly price of $30 (about €27.7) per user, at least for large organizations.

Aparna Pappu, director of Workspace, told CNBC that Google has not set pricing for smaller businesses.

That’s the same price Microsoft charges for its AI system called Copilot, with similar features running in most Office applications.

Yesterday, OpenAI, a company that became popular last year after launching its ChatGPT chatbot, released ChatGPT Enterprise, an enterprise version.

However, the company did not make public the subscription price.

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