Do you have space problems on your mobile? Google has just given you up to 100 MB of storage for free

The latest update of the ART (Android Runtime) compiler on Google Play reduces the code size of applications by 9.3%, which means a storage space saving of between 50 MB and 100 MB.

For several years now, Google has been working to make Android more modular and in this regard, the Mountain View company has managed to ensure that certain parts of the software are updated independently of the rest, so that it is not necessary to wait for a complete system update to correct certain bugs or implement new improvements.

In this regard, Google has just published a new post on its developer blog in which it announces that it has optimized the Android system compiler so that applications take up less space and, in this way, free up to 100 MB of storage on your smartphone.

Google frees up to 100 MB of space on all phones with Android 12 and later versions

Google has recently updated the ART (Android Runtime) compiler of Google Play to version 14, a variant that stands out mainly for reducing the code size of applications by 9.3%, which translates into a storage space saving of up to 100 MB.

As the American giant explains, an Android smartphone normally has between 500 MB and 1 GB of optimized code, and by reducing it by more than 9% with this update, it will free up between 50 MB and 100 MB on average in each terminal.

This is really useful for cell phones that are short of memory, since the optimization that the big G has applied in ART 14 has managed to reduce the code size of the apps without affecting the performance of the terminals.

Of course, this new version of the ART compiler will only reach cell phones with Android 12 or a later version, which is not bad since, currently, the combined market share of Android 12 and Android 13 is almost 40%, so a lot of terminals will benefit from this reduction in storage.

The Google Play system update that includes ART 14 has already started rolling out gradually and will reach all compatible devices over the next few weeks.

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