Fujifilm releases a new photo printer that relies on augmented reality

Fujifilm Releases a New Photo Printer That Relies on Augmented Reality

The Instax Mini Link 2 expands Fujifilm’s product catalog: it is the second version of the manufacturer’s portable photo printer. An evolution that plays the card of interactivity to differentiate itself from the competition.
Portable photo printers are on the rise: it must be said that smartphones are more and more sophisticated in terms of photos and this can motivate their users to own a device allowing them to obtain paper versions of their photos in record time. .

This is exactly what the Instax Mini Link 2. Designed by Fujifilm, this small portable printer connects via Bluetooth to the smartphone, on which you must install the dedicated mobile application, available on iOS and Android. Then just launch the print to havea photo on paper in dimensions of 86 x 54 mmand in a resolution of 318 dpi.

A printer that fits in your pocket

The Instax Mini Link 2 makes small photo prints, but this proposal is related to its size. In effect, this device is designed to fit in a pocket, in addition to your smartphone. It measures just 91.9mm × 36.4mm × 124.8mm and weighs 210 grams.

Its use is intended to be intuitive since it takes place almost exclusively within the Mini Link mobile application. The latter is enriched for the occasion with novelties, which includes the InstaxAir mode which allows you to personalize photos in augmented reality.

More than just a portable printer

The printer itself becomes a light painting tool thanks to an LED and a motion recognition system that reproduces the pattern drawn in the air on the smartphone screen in real time. To understand how the system works, it is best to watch the presentation video published by Fujifilm.

Other interesting functions are offered, such as printing from a video, the possibility of associating a QR code with a photo to access an animated sequence, the creation of collages to print… The manufacturer has made a small effort to offer a significant dose of interactivity, which allows it to offer a portable printer that stands out from other models available on the market.

Imminent availability for the Instax Mini Link 2

Fujifilm’s Instax Mini Link 2 will be available for purchase from June 22at the recommended price of 129 euros. A slightly high price all the same, especially since you have to buy additional films to make prints: the set of 10 costs 10 eurosenough to curb the creativity of instant photo enthusiasts.

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