Ford F-150 Lightning powers homes in the event of a power outage

Ford F-150 Lightning powers homes in the event of a power outage

The power of pickup trucks is not limited to torque, horsepower, traction and transportation. Ford’s latest electric vehicle, the F-150 Lightning, announced on May 19th, is equipped with a system that can supply energy to customers’ homes in the event of a power outage, giving new meaning to the power of trucks.

Ford isn’t the only one trying to convey to consumers the benefits of such an electric vehicle. Companies such as Lucid Motors are also promoting this feature.

A massive power outage in Texas in February cut power to more than 4.5 million homes and businesses over the course of several days, killing 151 people. The “Ford Intelligent Backup Power” installed in the F-150 Lightning can supply 9.6kW of power to the home for up to 3 days from a fully charged in-vehicle battery. ..

Ryan O’Gorman, who heads Ford’s electric vehicle strategy, said in a video briefing prior to the actual vehicle release, “If the F-150 Lightning plug is connected, Intelligent Backup Power will automatically perform in the event of a power outage. It works and powers the home.”

“When power is restored, the truck will automatically return to charging the battery.”

Sunrun, a provider of solar, battery and energy services, has partnered with Ford to bring a charger and home integrated system called the Ford Charge Station Pro at 80 amps to the owner’s home.

These facilities, which come standard with the F-150 Lightning’s extended range battery specifications, supply power to the in-vehicle battery during charging and conversely to the home in the event of a power outage via the Intelligent Backup Power system.

Sunrun also offers customers the option of installing home PV and power storage systems.

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For those who want to spend time away from home, the F-150 hybrid’s 7.2kW to 9.6kW power-up “Pro Power Onboard” can be used to make electric dirt from speakers and TVs even outdoors.

It can power everything from bikes to circular saws to jackhammers. This pickup truck is equipped with a total of 11 outlets on the loading platform, inside the car, and on the flank (front trunk).

The Pro Power Onboard system intelligently distributes battery power. When the driver is using a power tool at the work site and the battery level in the car is less than one-third, a notification will be sent to the driver’s smartphone so that he or she can continue working or for driving on the way home. You can decide whether to save the battery.

However, the driver does not have to worry too much about the distance to the nearest charging station. The Pro Power Onboard automatically turns off when the battery level is close to the nearest charging station.

Information about battery power consumed by Intelligent Backup Power and Pro Power Onboard is displayed on Ford’s dedicated app and in-vehicle infotainment screen.

In the future, according to a Ford spokesman, the battery of the electric vehicle will be charged during the time when the electricity charge is low at night, and from the in-vehicle battery to the home during the time when the electricity charge is high at the peak of power consumption. It also aims to save electricity bills by supplying electricity.

“The F-150 Lightning redefines the concept of car power,” Ogorman said.

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