The purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk has always been very controversial, because many people do not hold in high esteem, for whatever reason, the founder of Tesla (which appeared in PUGB Mobile), one of the most important companies if we talk about the automotive scene. Unfortunately, this controversy over the purchase of Twitter has not ended in recent times, and it is that certain actions driven by the billionaire have sat badly in the community, as can be the verified payment. Even so, we cannot say that the only ones affected are the users, and companies have also received several blows from Musk.

We could give numerous examples, but the one that interests us today is related to the use of the Twitter API, which was previously free, but has now become so expensive that many companies have decided to stop using it. This is, according to Video Games Chronicle, the case of Xbox, which has already announced that it will no longer be possible to share screenshots via Twitter through the console.

Quite a blow for Xbox users.

Surely many of you already know, but there are many people who love to share their favorite screenshots via Twitter, so yes, we can say that this has been a setback for these users, although we can also comment that it is something we could see coming, considering the new Twitter policy.

Specifically, Xbox has made it official through several replies to a tweet in which they explained how to share screenshots through the Xbox App, being that, currently the only possible way to share Xbox screenshots on Twitter (besides using a USB device or something similar).

We’ve had to disable the ability to share screenshots directly on Twitter, but you can still share your best moments on Twitter via the Xbox App for Android and IOS.

Of course, this tweet does not state that it is because of the increased price of the Twitter API, but it is something we can take for granted, considering that, as reported by Wired, the highest levels of the package needed in this case can cost around $210,000 per month, a figure that is really exaggerated, and that allows you to make about 200 million tweets.

Of course, as explained by the Xbox account itself with the following tweet, you can still continue sharing through the Xbox App, although, just in case, we warn that we are not talking about the Xbox Game Pass app, but that general app that gives us access, among other things, to the screenshots made on our Xbox consoles.

If you are hoping that in the future this feature will return, we can tell you that it seems that this, if it happens, will not be in the short term, so it would be a good idea to learn how to use the aforementioned Xbox App.

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