The head of KOI and one of the main Spanish-speaking content creators makes fun of the situation Twitter is going through.

Twitter is going from bad to worse, according to the opinion of most of the platform’s users. Elon Musk, who bought the company founded by Jack Dorsey for $44 billion, makes changes to the social network every few months, which confuses people who use the platform on a daily basis and, in part, creates an atmosphere of comedy around it. After removing the verified from all those accounts that were not subscribed to Twitter Blue, the tycoon backed off after seeing the amount of criticism that piled up and made a U-turn to also set that precious blue tick to those accounts that exceeded one million followers. This generated quite a lot of fun, and Ibai Llanos, head of KOI and president of the Kings League, did not miss the opportunity.

Ibai makes fun of the new Twitter verification system and points to Elon Musk.

“I don’t have verified. I’m back to being humble,” Ibai said. “I’m a fake account,” he added. For the record of course, all in the key of comedy, including what is to come. That tweet was published the instant Musk removed the verified accounts not subscribed to Twitter Blue. Subsequently, as we have already told you, the tycoon changed his mind and things only got better for the comedians. Ibai recovered his precious verified without doing anything:

“Thanks for giving me back what belonged to me, don’t take my blue tick again be very careful, Elon Musk,” Ibai threatened. Although it is all a joke, you have to be careful with the head of Tesla and SpaceX because you never know where he is going to throw, and what a priori might not be a direct threat he could take it as such. Musk is currently focused on learning from the mistakes of Starship, the accident we told you about last week. Ibai, meanwhile, is pulling out all the stops for the Year 3 Evening, which takes place on July 1 in Madrid.

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