Thanks to Midjourney and Bing Image Creator a user discovered how these AIs imagine God.

For millennia different cultures have reflected on the appearance of the deities they worship, for that reason several tribes and civilizations have developed sculptures and other artistic works to try to recreate in a tangible way how they imagine their gods would look like.

Over the centuries this tradition has remained in force among different communities, as is the case of the large number of representations that exist around the Catholic religion around their churches and other elements.

However, there is no representation that exposes what is the physical appearance that God would have, since in many cases he is only represented as a powerful white light or other elements that are part of nature.

In the context of this situation, some cybernauts have decided to turn to artificial intelligence (AI) technology as a tool that can help generate a graphical representation of what God would look like.

To achieve this purpose, one user decided to use the Midjourney platform together with Bing Image Creator, AI-powered services that have the ability to produce highly realistic illustrations based on people’s requests.

Thanks to this resource, a cybernaut shared on forums and social networks the images that were generated by artificial intelligences, in response to the question of what they would imagine God’s appearance to be like.

What would God look like according to an artificial intelligence?
In the different illustrations that were shared by the user it can be seen that the AI represented God in different ways, in some images he looks like a being with a humanoid shape that emits great power.

In other graphics it is shown as a man whose appearance is very similar to the one the Greeks gave to the god Zeus, as it is a muscular human, with a prominent beard, long hair, wearing a tunic or armor.

How to create hyper-realistic images with Midjourney?

Currently, there is an option to interact with Midjourney’s AI to make the service generate different types of images, from texts and without having to pay money for it.

This is possible because the platform does not have its own website from which users can make requests for the images they want to obtain, so this service is done through Discord servers.

Therefore, to access Midjourney it is initially necessary to have a Discord account and, if possible, to have the app of that platform installed on the smartphone, which is available for Android or iOS through the Play Store or App Store.

To create a Discord account, it is only necessary to access the official website of the service and there it will be necessary to create a profile, using a new user or linking a Facebook or Google account with the platform.

Once the account has been created, it is necessary to follow the next steps:

When accessing the Discord platform it is necessary to select the Midjourney server, which appears with a white icon on the left side of the screen.

In the left menu will appear a list of the different channels with which the user can interact, it is key to select any option that has the word ‘newbie’ and that is under ‘Newcomer rooms’. These are channels created for users to request images.

Once a ‘newbie’ channel has been accessed, it will be necessary to go to the text box and then type the command “/imagine” (but without the quotation marks), then the platform will suggest clicking on a button that appears on the screen.

Now it is only necessary to write a description of the images you wish to obtain, for example “/Imagine prompt Batman as a ninja”. However, it is recommended to make requests in English, since the AI is more accurate when a request is made in that language and therefore it is advisable to use services such as Google Translator as a support tool.

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