Apple should update its MacBook Pro, a refresh of the range eagerly awaited by fans of the brand, especially because a new design is expected to make its appearance.

Almost every year, the Cupertino company updates its devices. Most often, only the internal components are changed, to increase power slightly, to gain functionality here and there. More rarely, a new design appears.

This should be the case with the next generation of MacBook Pro. This new generation must still see the light of day. We do not yet know when it will be formalized.

No new MacBook Pros until next fall?

There have already been many rumors suggesting that Apple is preparing to formalize a new generation of MacBook Pro with a new design.

If the apple brand has already made a number of changes in this direction in recent years, such as the introduction of a second color, changes to the keyboard, the addition of the Touch Bar, it is necessary recognize that the MacBook has remained very more or less the same visually.

We would have to wait until autumn to discover the new design

It is for this reason that many fans, as well as the trade press, are eager to discover this redesign. But it seems that we have to wait longer than expected. Originally, rumors were about a mid-year launch of these new MacBook Pros around WWDC, but today a report from Nikkei Asia claims that date has been postponed.

If we are to believe the article, this new launch date would now be set for fall 2021. And we must admit that this is not really surprising. Indeed, the middle of the year is usually rather reserved for software, with many announcements during WWDC, while the end of the year focuses on hardware, with iPhones and Macs in particular.

Launching a new machine like the MacBook Pro in the fall would therefore be more in the practice of the Apple brand.

That being said, as nothing has been officially confirmed yet, it’s entirely possible that those mid-year dates were wrong from the get-go. In any case, one thing is certain, there will be a new MacBook Pro with a new design, but it should not be waited for many months.

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