This was the last farewell to Alfredo Fraile

This was the last farewell to Alfredo Fraile

This Friday, Alfredo Fraile, former manager and right hand of Julio Iglesias in the early days of the artist, died due to Covid. The representative was admitted for a month and has not been able to overcome the complications of the disease.

A sad loss that has affected many well-known faces in our country who came to the funeral home yesterday afternoon to say goodbye to him and accompany the whole family in these difficult moments for them.

Carolina Tieu, a great friend of Alfredo, came to the funeral home with her children with a very serious face to support the businessman’s family. The widow of Tomás Chavarri was visibly affected by his death and when he arrived she assured that she would pray a lot for him.

Carla Goyanes, another of the well-known faces who went to the funeral home, arrived in the company of her husband, Jorge Benguría. The two showed all their affection to the family of the deceased: “He was like a father to us.”

The cousin of King Felipe VI was also seen there. María Zurita arrived at the funeral home very sad, but wanting to accompany the whole family at this difficult time for them. On his way out he confessed that he was going to remind him: “With affection, for his kindness and the good people he was.”

The niece of the King emeritus assured that if it had not been for the Covid restrictions, many more people would have come: “More would have come if it were not for the Covid, you have to be careful.”

Enrique Cerezo claimed to be “very sad” when the press cameras caught him arriving at the funeral home. Fraile’s great friend confessed that he would always remember him ‘with much affection’.

Caritina Goyanes did not want to leave the family alone at such a difficult time for them and has come to say goodbye to Alfredo Fraile. From what she has told us, for her he was like someone else in the family: “Like a second father, which is what he was.”

Finally, María Josefa Laméyer Pascua, the wife and widow of Alfredo Fraile, left the La Paz funeral home in the late afternoon clothed and accompanied by two of her children, whom we saw very affected.

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