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Competitive Programming “At Coder” Announces SOMPO Holdings SOMPO Digital Lab Contest

AtCoder, which operates Japan’s largest competitive programming (competitive professional) contest site “AtCoder”, will hold “SOMPO HD Programming Contest 2021 (AtCoder Beginner Contest 192)” sponsored by SOMPO Digital Lab, the innovation division of SOMPO Holdings, on February 6th. Announced. Prizes for each rank, such as an Amazon gift card worth 100,000 yen, are available to those who rank first overall. Registration will start at a later date.

The contest is to submit the source code for programming problems that will be asked during the holding time (100 minutes) and compete for the score obtained. A penalty will be added for each incorrect answer (5 minutes for the contest). The ranking is determined by the total score (in the case of a tie, the person with the earliest submission time will be ranked higher).

SOMPO Digital Lab is also taking on the challenge of in-house development of cutting-edge technologies such as AI and IoT technologies, and makes the world a better place for Atcoder users who have logical thinking ability and can solve problems while moving their hands. The contest will be held with the hope that it will become a companion to the efforts.

SOMPO Digital Lab promotes DX for the entire SOMPO Group centered on Sompo Japan. Work on developing products and services that support R & D of each group operating company and improve customer experience value, improving operational efficiency by utilizing new technologies, and building new business models that are different from existing business areas It is said that it is.

In addition, when deploying technology within the group, in-house engineers develop applications in-house and data scientists analyze data as needed. Engineers and data scientists are working together to promote projects such as improving quality and productivity in the long-term care business and improving the efficiency of existing operations in the insurance business.

AtCoder operates Japan’s largest competitive programming contest site “AtCoder”. More than 200,000 people (including more than 110,000 Japanese) have registered to participate, and more than 10,000 people will challenge the weekly regular contest.

In addition, as an advanced IT human resources recruitment and training business, there is a job change / job search support service “AtCoder Jobs” that uses the “AtCoder rank” that ranks the results of contest participants in eight stages, and a test that can visualize the programming skills of IT human resources. We are developing services such as “Algorithm Practical Test / PAST”.

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