“ClubLink”, a tool for sharing Clubhouse links on SNS with good looks | GLM

“ClubLink”, a tool for sharing Clubhouse links on SNS with good looks | GLM

The popular voice chat platform Clubhouse provides a way to share information about meetings and events on social media, but the links you see aren’t very interesting. In such a case, ClubLink, a new link sharing tool, can help. The tool allows hosts to preview images with room names, participants, date and time (depending on the host’s time zone), and even the host’s own profile icon.

Made by an online marketer living in Germany Jens Polomski(Jens Poromski) and programmer, digital marketerPeter ThaleikisThey are (Peter Tareikiss).

Poromsky said he came up with the idea in January 2021 because he saw the Clubhouse link shared on Twitter and thought it didn’t look good.

“I’ve seen a lot of people share, especially on Twitter, because Clubhouse has this sharing feature,” he says. “But this preview image is bad and doesn’t contain any important information.”

Polomsky called out to Tareikis and persuaded him to help him make something better.

As a result, ClubLink is easy to use. Simply paste the Clubhouse event link into the ClubLink website and ClubLink will be created automatically. The procedure is similar to a URL shortening site like tinyurl.com.


Image Credit: ClubLink

And ClubLink doesn’t just return shortened URLs. The tool visits the pasted Clubhouse link, takes a screenshot and uses it to create the image. However, it’s not scraping Clubhouse data, Poromsky said. Enter the name of the host in the file name of the image to be created to make it easier to find. Perhaps it will also help in future search engine optimizations.

In fact, when the tool was developed, ClubLink URL SEO was taken into account. This can be imagined from the authors’ experience in digital marketing.

“We are careful to make the SEO element of the link as good as possible, which is what Clubhouse isn’t doing right now,” Poromsky said. But it’s too early to determine how effective these efforts are, because the ClubLink URL was first created last week and only a few have been indexed by Google, he said.

Creating a link on the ClubLink website will take you to a page that you can share right now on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Pre-publishing your room is an important way to get followers on this audio-based social network, so many hosts should start using this new tool.

If you use ClubLink, it will be as follows.

Of course, you can also share the link when you are in the room. Especially when you want to find a great room and let everyone know. With the latest update, Clubhouse now gives you a link to post on social media by tapping the “+” while in the room. Unfortunately, this “room” link isn’t available in the ClubLink tool yet, but they say they’re already looking for a solution.

ClubLink is an example of some recently emerging tools that provide extensions and new features for Clubhouse power users.

Clubhouse Bio Creator on clubhousebio.xyz allows you to create a profile bio on your desktop and then paste it into your smartphone’s Clubhouse. Other tools to make your profile picture stand out include Clubhouse Glow, Clubhouse Avatar Maker, and Threepic’s Canva template.

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