The camera technology of the iPhone 12 Pro Max present on the entire range of iPhone 13?

Camera Technology of iPhone 12 Pro Max present on iPhone 13?

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Year after year, generation after generation, Apple improves its iPhones. This requires more sophisticated, more powerful components and ever more impressive software.

Every year, the trade press and Apple brand customers wait to see what the new iPhones will be made of. Today, even though the iPhone 12s are not very old, all eyes are on theiPhone 13. What will he have to offer? It could be that we have a good surprise concerning the photo and the video.

IPhone 12 Pro Max optical stabilization in all iPhone 13 models?

Aside from the differences in the sizes, Apple created its different iPhone 12 models by playing on the camera modules. Each iPhone 12 model has a slightly different configuration, with the most powerful and efficient module on board, of course, on the more expensive model, namely the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

That’s what DigiTimes thinks it knows

That being said, good news, if you don’t feel like spending that much to treat yourself to an iPhone 13 Pro Max, or whatever the name is. It could be that the Cupertino company integrates the camera technology of its iPhone 12 Pro Max on all models of the iPhone 13 range. This is at least what Globe Live Media understands.

The technology in question would be more precisely the optical stabilization of the image by moving the sensor which, at present, is therefore only available on the iPhone 12 Pro Max. However, if DigiTimes’ report is true, it could be integrated on all iPhone 13 models, which would be a very good thing as more potential customers could be convinced by any iPhone 13. ‘it is, without this barrier of the very high tariff of the most upscale model.

For those who don’t know, optical image stabilization by displacement of the sensor is carried out directly on the sensor of the device itself and not on the lens. This is supposed to provide a “better” form of stabilization. This method is also quite often found in digital SLR cameras.

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