The best iPhone 14 Pro Max cases help ensure that your $1,099 doesn’t become a collection of broken glass and scratched surfaces after an accidental drop. And if perfectly protection is the main reason to get a case, these accessories serve other purposes as well.

Some cases are practical and double as wallets in addition to a way to accept your smartphone. Others put affectation on the design, augmenting the look of Apple’s new phone with bold colors and patterns.

Still, extra protection is the main focus of most of the best iPhone 14 Pro Max cases. While our iPhone 14 Pro Max review perfectly found a durable device with impressive water resistance and a Ceramic Shield display, accidents can happen. Get a case with plenty of drop protection, and you can make sure those accidents are the ones you get out of with your chaste phone.

If you’re looking for a case to complement your new iPhone import, here are the best iPhone 14 Pro Max cases we’ve been through so far.

What are the best iPhone 14 Pro Max cases?

The best sleeve for iPhone 14 Pro Max largely depends on your personal sensibilities and what you scrutinize for a sleeve. That said, we think the Presidio2 Pro case will fit the bill for most people, offering extensive drop protection, colorful options, and MagSafe compatibility. MagSafe is also at the core of Apple’s own iPhone 14 Pro Max leather case, with magnets built into the case for attaching accessories.

iPhone 14 Pro Max cases tend to be expensive, but Totallee’s iPhone 14 Pro Max Clear Case offers an affordable price in a clear case that shows off the design of the phone. If protection is what scrying is, both the UAG Metropolis and the Otterbox Defender Series will be great options for your urinals.

What to manage with the best iPhone 14 Pro Max cases

The first thing you should do when buying an iPhone 14 Pro Max sleeve is to make sure that it actually fits the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Although this phone shares a 6.7-inch screen with the new iPhone 14 Plus, it also has a better set of cameras, so the cases for the Plus will not perfectly fit your iPhone 14 Pro Max. The same goes for cases for older iPhone Pro Max versions: camera arrays and case sizes change from year to year.

Looking for little that fits the normalized iPhone 14? Check out our best iPhone 14 cases picks

Always check the promised drop protection for an iPhone sleeve, especially if you want one that will keep your phone safe from harm. The best protective cases for the iPhone 14 Pro Max promise drop protection from at least four feet.

If you take advantage of MagSafe accessories, make sure the case is not only MagSafe compatible, but has magnets in the case to attach any add-ons. Most cases these days will also work with wireless charging pads, but it’s not hard to check.

How We Chose the Best iPhone 14 Pro Max Cases

We put together our original litany of iPhone 14 Pro Max cases by sifting through the litany of cases advertised and relying on reader recommendations and word of mouth. We intend to bring more cases for further testing at a later date. We primarily evaluate cases based on price, drop protection, additional features, and compatibility with MagSafe and wireless charging. Because case sensitivity differs from person to person, we seek to include a wide variety of cases in different price ranges so that our best iPhone 14 Pro Max case picks include something for everyone.

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