It has been revealed that Apple is looking for a business development manager with experience in alternative payments (non-credit card payment methods) including cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin and digital currency news site CoinDesk reports that Apple has placed a classified ad to attract the above talent. The following is an excerpt of the relevant part.

One of the more important application qualifications is “Digital wallet, BNPL (abbreviation of Buy now, Pay Later), Fast Payments (real-time payment), working at an alternative payment provider such as cryptocurrency, or alternative payment for at least 5 years. “Working experience with a provider” is mentioned.

Of these, what is attracting attention is the need for experienced people who have dealt with “cryptocurrencies.” Cryptocurrency experience is not required, as other conditions include experience with digital wallets and BNPL, but at least Apple may be considering cryptocurrencies as an alternative payment method. That’s why.

Also, in previous statements from Apple, Jennifer Bailey, vice president of Apple Pay, once said that he was “watching” cryptocurrencies. It was just after the launch of the Apple Card service, and it may have begun a wide range of consideration for alternative payments from that time.

Apple is categorically controlling payment methods, such as not allowing Epic Games to make independent payments via the App Store and engaging in legal battles, and refusing to bring payment services of other companies other than Apple Pay to the Wallet application on the iPhone. Is penetrating.

Like entering the credit card industry with Apple Card, it is possible that we are looking to handle cryptocurrencies in the future.

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