It has often been rumored that the Apple Watch will be equipped with a non-invasive blood glucose measurement function in the near future (no need to collect blood with a needle), but the possibility of adoption in 2022 has risen sharply. I have.

British startup Rockley Photonics has revealed a business relationship with Apple for an initial public offering in New York. By irradiating infrared rays through the skin from a module mounted on the back of the smartwatch, the company can read multiple blood signals (blood pressure, blood sugar level, blood alcohol concentration, etc.) that can only be detected by medical devices. Developed a sensor. It has been reported that the next-generation sensor may be installed in gadgets next year (2022).

In addition, according to the filings, Apple has accounted for most of Rockley’s revenue over the past two years, and has ongoing “supply and development contracts” that will continue to rely on most of its revenue. It is expected. In addition, most of the company’s revenue comes from engineering fees paid for work on future products.

Rockley’s CEO says he expects his technology to be in consumer products next year, but declines to mention whether it’s an Apple product. It is customary for Apple to enter into strict contracts with suppliers that minimize disclosure.

Apple CEO Tim Cook once said that he was wearing a blood glucose monitor, and Apple has also applied for numerous patents related to non-invasive blood glucose measurement, including the use of electromagnetic wave sensors.

It was also rumored that the 2021 Apple Watch Series 7 would also be equipped with a blood glucose measurement monitor. Competing Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 (tentative) has similar predictions, but Apple should be cautious just because it’s about health. Although AirTag has been rumored as a forgotten tracker for several years, as the Galaxy SmartTag was released earlier, implementation in 2021 will be postponed, and it may be Apple Watch Series 8 (tentative) or later in 2022.

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