Apple reportedly plans to market a pair of smart contact lenses by 2030

Apple reportedly plans to market a pair of smart contact lenses by 2030

Apple is working on a number of projects simultaneously, some for short-term launches, others that won’t see the light for much longer. This is the case with smart contact lenses.

Will we one day be able to use smart and connected contact lenses? Yes, certainly, it is almost already a reality with the work of Mojo Vision. And it goes without saying that this market is of particular interest to the tech giants.

In particular Apple, which has already relied heavily on augmented reality, perfect for this kind of device.

Smart contact lenses at Apple by 2030?

Apple is rumored to be working on a number of devices in the wearable category. This notably includes an AR / VR reality headset and a pair of connected glasses. But it seems that is not all.

The famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo recently unveiled a roadmap for projects related to augmented reality at Apple. Our man seems convinced that the Cupertino company is also currently working on a pair of smart contact lenses.

This is what analyst Ming-Chi Kuo seems to believe

That being said, before you start jumping to the ceiling imagining yourself having iOS right in your eye, know that Ming-Chi explains that there is no visibility there as to a possible launch date of a such product.

The analyst is simply suggesting that such lenses might not even be on the market until 2030. Which means you’re going to have to wait a long, long time. And this could only be done if the necessary technologies are sufficiently viable, of course.

Still, this is not a totally crazy idea. If the rumors around augmented reality glasses are true, it would not be surprising if Apple embarks on the path of miniaturization and takes the concept even further, to the contact lens.

This could allow people who do not normally wear glasses and those who just don’t like the idea of ​​having glasses on their nose to take advantage of it.

Once again, such a project raises many questions, particularly regarding respect for private life. And what would happen if you ever lost your lenses? Still, in terms of pure technology, that would be a very impressive achievement.

One thing is certain, it is in any case far too early to be ecstatic. Until then, we will follow the progress of the work of Mojo Vision.

Rachel Maga
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