Apple Music may soon offer an option with HiFi quality. At least that’s what the code for the version of Apple Music for Android suggests.

Streaming services are legion today. All offer more or less the same functionalities, the main difference being perhaps made on the catalog itself. Platforms offering a “HiFi” quality sound option are however rarer. And it could be the case, in the more or less near future, of Apple Music.

New proof of the existence of a high-definition offer for Apple Music

The quality of Apple Music streams is currently quite decent. It is not the best compared to some of the competition but it is more than sufficient for the majority of users, unless you have very high end audio equipment available and you can do so. the difference easily listened to. It is sufficient for the general public and use in everyday life.

In the code of the Android version, this time

That being said, as you may have already read here or there, Apple is reportedly gearing up to launch a new HiFi option for lossless audio. And for audiophiles who would like it so much to be true, know that, according to 9to5Google, analysis of the APK code of the latest version of Apple Music for Android reveals that the Cupertino company would indeed be working on such a option, or even a dedicated offer for its music streaming service.

If we are to believe the findings of their teams, several references in the code would mention “lossless audio” to be exact. Mention is also made of “high-definition lossless”, for those who want even higher quality. The difference compared to the first? Apple Music will stream ALAC up to 24-bit / 48kHz while high-definition lossless will stream ALAC up to 24-bit / 192kHz.

No one knows, at this stage, whether the offer will be accessible to all users or whether it will be a new paid offer for Apple Music, but the latter seems more logical. No further information concerning the launch date of this new offer. Patience, therefore.

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