Apple may have launched an innovation that very few users of payment apps are likely to like: According to consistent media reports, prices can now be increased without the consent of the user. At least this is apparently already the case with the Disney Plus app. Previously, the procedure for price increases was handled differently.

Developer Max Seelemann was one of the first to point out the new feature, which was probably unwelcome for many Disney Plus subscribers, via Twitter. Accordingly, there is now no option to agree to a price increase. The reference to rising costs was only made via the App Store. If users do not see this and let the subscription continue, the price increase takes effect – even without explicit consent.

So far it was the other way around: the user received a notification of a planned increase. For this he had to give his consent. If he didn’t, the subscription was cancelled. According to Apple, the new procedure for Disney Plus subscriptions is initially only a “pilot test”.

An Apple spokesman told , “We’re testing a new e-commerce feature that we plan to launch very soon. The pilot includes developers from different app categories, org sizes, and regions to help test an upcoming improvement that we think will be great for both developers and users, and we’ll provide more details in the coming weeks announce.”

It is unclear whether this is actually a far-reaching change. Because according to the portal , it could well be that the option of not offering users an active option to consent to a price increase is reserved for only a few well-known app providers.

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