Apple would think about the idea of ​​a controller for iPhone and iPad, it is currently only a patent

It is now very clear that Apple is interested in video games. After all, video games are probably the most popular category of applications and the Cupertino company has invested heavily in its Apple Arcade service to provide a premium gaming experience for those who may be tired of games filled with advertisements and of microtransactions.

From there to offering its own video game controller?

Apple is considering the idea of ​​a controller for iPhone and iPad

This is indeed what we learn today. And that is ultimately not very surprising. The apple brand would explore the possibility of designing its own controller. That’s what a patent discovered by Cult of Mac suggests. The Cupertino company would thus consider creating a controller for its devices with magnetic fasteners.

This means that users would be able to easily attach the device to a device like an iPhone or iPad and start playing immediately. And when we know that it is rumored that the Apple brand should integrate its MagSafe technology into the iPad, we think that such an accessory would be very logical.

In addition, Apple could also ensure full compatibility with games in the catalog of its Apple Arcade. An additional reason for developers to offer their titles there and for players to subscribe to them, and to buy said controller.

It’s just a patent right now

That being said, before you dream of playing your favorite games on your iPhone or iPad with an Apple controller in your hands, remember that this is only a patent, nothing can guarantee that the Cupertino company will go to the end of its idea to make it a commercial product.

What’s more, a controller could be too “niche” a product for the Apple brand, especially since there are many very successful peripherals of this kind on the market today.

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