Apple could integrate payment with the Iris for its augmented reality headset planned for 2023. The technology would be similar to that of Face ID.

Apple is ready to compete with Meta in mixed reality. According to an article from The information published on October 14, Apple’s mixed reality headset could contain features similar to Face ID on iPhones and iPads. This technology, called “Iris D”, would allow users to log into their accounts and make payments biometrically.

The helmet would have more than 10 cameras to capture all the information and could be equipped with the same M2 chip as the latest MacBook Air. Apple’s first augmented reality device is rumored to be launched in 2023 and will be dubbed “Reality Pro”.

Payments by selfie launched by Mastercard already exist in several countries and allow authentication with the face. A priori, “Iris D” should work in a similar way with an authentication of the iris, the colored disc of the eye.

The battle with Meta

The design of Apple headphones should be slightly different from what we usually know. It should look like a pair of designer aluminum ski goggles – we trust Apple for that – but the price would also be within the standards of the Apple brand since it would be marketed from 2000 euros.

This news comes after Meta unveiled its high-end virtual reality headset, the Quest Pro, at the Meta Connect 2022 show on October 11. Sold for 1,800 euros, it is first marketed to companies, with the promise of a combination of hybrid work and virtual collaboration. The Quest Pro comes with advanced eye tracking capabilities for a realistic virtual experience.

The real battle for the technology of the future will surely be played out between the two helmets: while Meta bets on a completely virtual world, Apple prefers to stay in reality while enriching it with graphic elements that we would not see. only with his glasses. In both cases, data collection will only be more important.

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