It could be that the LiDAR technology, which first appeared on the iPhone 12 Pro Max, is part of all models this year.

The specialized press as well as fans of the apple brand are impatiently awaiting the officialization of the iPhone 13. What will this new generation have to offer? Rumors abound on the subject. One of them is LiDAR technology. It could be part of all the models this year.

Will all iPhone 13s be eligible for LiDAR?

Last year, when Apple updated its iPad Pro, one of the new hardware innovations was the introduction of LiDAR.

The Cupertino company then integrated this technology on the iPhone 12, but only the most high-end model had been entitled to it. Those on a tighter budget might be interested to learn that all iPhone 13 models could potentially benefit.

At least that’s what Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives thinks he knows. The man said in a note to investors that all iPhone 13 models will feature LiDAR technology. For those who don’t know, LiDAR allows iPhone and iPad to better understand depth, which can help augmented reality and photography in particular.

Appearance of a first iPhone with 1TB of storage?

Apple usually tries to keep its iPhones at the same level in terms of hardware. Sometimes, however, certain features show up being limited to the more high-end models before they hit the full lineup. In addition to LiDAR, Daniel Ives says the iPhone 13 could also mark the transition to 1TB of storage.

Currently, the iPhone offers 512 GB of storage maximum but the analyst is convinced that this could change with the iPhone 13. Better not to think of the price of this iPhone 13 in its configuration 1 TB, but the option would at least have the merit of existing for those who need it.

To be continued!

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