App Annie's new App, which provides Market data and Analysis tools for Apps

App Annie’s new App, which provides Market data and Analysis tools for Apps

App Annie’s new App, which provides Market data and analysis tools for apps, allows Pulse to make quick decisions for business owners

Mobile analytics and market data company App Annie announced a new app on February 10th. CEO Ted Krantz said the app isn’t designed for “data-buried” analysts, but for business owners who need a “more advanced top-down perspective.”

The biggest new feature of the app App Annie Pulse is called the App Annie Performance Score, which Kranz compares to the mobile app’s FICO score. The feature combines app user acquisition, engagement, monetization, and sentiment into a single score to assess how your app is performing compared to its competitors.

Eventually, the performance store will be customizable for each customer, “it will be customizable for important metrics,” Kranz said. The app also features a news feed that highlights changes in key app metrics, identifies potential causes, and shows what’s happening in the apps and markets that users are following.

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Image: App Annie

Kranz has become particularly “mobile is very important,” and his goal is to give management a quick overview of the data they need, without having to look up the data they need or wait for reports. I added that. The team’s “ultimate goal” is to create an app that management checks daily, but I don’t think that’s always the case at first.

The app App Annie Pulse is based on App Annie’s market-level data and should not be affected by Apple’s future privacy changes, Kranz said. At the same time, he acknowledged that the company’s broad goal of integrating first-party and third-party data is beginning to look “a little tricky.”

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