Amazon US will soon allow payment in installments

Amazon US will soon allow payment in installments

Amazon US will soon offer payment in installments thanks to a partnership with the company Affirm

There is a wide variety of techniques that merchants can use to make buying easier for their customers. Some are very common, like promotions, loyalty programs and the like, others a little.

This is the case of deferred payment which allows you to start immediately with your products and only pay them later, in one or more installments. And it is a method that Amazon should soon offer to its American customers.

Amazon US will soon offer installment payment

In our consumer society, there are always a lot of things we would like to buy, but we don’t always have the money to do so. That being said, the good news – if at all – is that Amazon has just announced a partnership with Affirm to be able to offer customers, in the near future, to buy now and to pay later, a model that many companies are starting to adopt. It is therefore not really surprising that the American giant wants to get started.

Thanks to a partnership with the company Affirm

And in a sense, Amazon has tried this way before in its Amazon Go stores, where customers take the products they are interested in off the shelves and go home, with payment only later.

Thanks to this partnership with Affirm, Amazon customers will be able to share their bill. This means that orders of $50 or more can be paid in installments through Affirm. The customer will see the total cost when validating his basket and he will therefore have to pay, in the end, the said amount. No surprises.

And of course, Affirm recovers a percentage on these transactions, which represents its remuneration. An interest rate that should vary between 0 and 30%, all the same. Customers will also be able to choose the duration of payments to spread over a period of between 3 and 48 months.

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