Amazon Launches Second Generation Echo Buds True Wireless Earphones

Amazon Launches Second Generation Echo Buds True Wireless Earphones

True wireless headphones are very popular lately. The brands are more and more numerous, the models multiply. Here is the second generation of Amazon Echo Buds.

True wireless headphones are in great demand lately, both by athletes and nomads looking for a discreet solution to listen to their music all day long.

Manufacturers quickly multiplied in this market, even integrating brands for which it was not the core business. Today there are hundreds of models. Today, Amazon unveils the second generation of its Echo Buds headphones.

Amazon launches second-generation Echo Buds

If you’re in the market for a new pair of true wireless headphones, then you might be interested to learn that Amazon has just released the second generation of Echo Buds. These new headphones from the American giant are sold from $ 99 thanks to a promotion and it must be admitted that it is a very good deal at this price.

Indeed, for this price, you will have headphones with active noise reduction in your ears, a feature found on headphones usually sold much more expensive, such as the Apple AirPods Pro.

Amazon claims that the active noise canceling technology built into its headphones is able to block out twice as much ambient noise as its predecessors, making it perfect for use in loud environments.

True wireless headphones with a very attractive price / quality ratio

These new Amazon Echo Buds are also 20% more compact than their predecessors, which means they should also be lighter, so you can wear them even longer without feeling them in your ears, without tiring in any way. These headphones also have three microphones each to help pick up your sound when you’re on a call and improve quality.

Amazon is also introducing a feature to locate said headphones in the event you misplace them. Just say “Alexa, find my headphones”. Battery life, on the other hand, is quite decent, with up to 5 hours of use with noise canceling turned on, while the charging case offers an additional 15 hours.

These new Amazon Echo Buds are therefore sold for $ 99 or $ 119.99 with the wireless charging case but it is with the promotional price. The normal public price will be $ 119.99 or $ 139.99 with the wireless case.

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