Amazon is launching the second generation of the Amazon Echo Auto device that helps drivers get things done without taking their hands off the wheel. The company will also offer Amazon Roadside Assistance, which allows drivers to call through Alexa for help with roadside assistance issues.

Amazon revealed a collection of new gadgets and services for your home at its fall product event on Wednesday, plus one for your car. The second generation of Echo Auto, the device that takes Alexa with you on the go or on the go, is coming later this year. You can sign up to be notified when the new Echo Auto becomes available.

Amazon Echo Auto 2

Amazon Echo Auto 2

What’s new in the Echo Auto 2?

New features of the second-generation Echo Auto device include a slimmer, space-saving design and an adhesive base for flexible yet stable positioning in your car. The device is equipped with five microphones designed to hear you and your passengers over other sounds in the car, such as music, air conditioning, or traffic.

In addition to a new, sleeker device, there are a lot more Alexa capabilities, like hands-free messaging, music controls, Whole Foods order notifications, and personalized assistance.

Integrated roadside assistance

With the new device, Amazon also introduced Amazon Roadside Assistance. Nedim Fresko, Amazon’s vice president of Alexa devices and developer technologies, said the new feature will allow drivers to call through Alexa for help with problems on the road, such as a flat tire or an empty gas tank. It is paid, that is, you only pay for the roadside assistance services you need.

How much will the new Amazon Echo Auto 2 cost?

The Echo Auto 2 will retail for $55, about the same as the first-gen Echo Auto’s price of $50 (although those prices could drop during this year’s second Amazon Prime Day event on May 11). and October 12).

Amazon also announced the Kindle Scribe, Halo Rise sleep tracker, Fire TV Omni QLED, three new Echo Dot smart speakers, and more at its product event.

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