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What Next for the Jets?

It has been a strange season for New York NFL fans, as both the Jets and the Giants received praise for their performances despite their divisions becoming way more competitive than usual. However, only the Giants made it to the playoffs, leaving Jets fans to wonder about what might have been.

As NFL bettors weigh up their Super Bowl picks over the next three weeks, the Jets are not in the conversation and the organization is already focused on the next season’s to-do list. And at the top of that list is the name Zach Wilson, who had a disastrous sophomore year in the NFL.

It is generally agreed that the Jets have one of the best defenses in football, combined with a never-say-die attitude that led to several comeback performances throughout the season. All they needed from Wilson was a satisfactory level of efficiency and a commitment to taking responsibility as the team’s offensive leader. He fell short on both counts and now the Jets have to weigh up their options.

Trust in Mike?

In four games this season, as the main understudy to Wilson, Mike White threw for 1192 yards, three touchdowns, and four interceptions. He wasn’t spectacular but he was an upgrade on Wilson, and he showed tremendous courage in battling through to the end of the season despite suffering multiple broken ribs after a bruising game against Buffalo.

His efforts should be enough to earn him a new contract, and he is a more reliable presence than Wilson, but his injury problems can’t be overlooked and Jets GM Joe Douglas will surely be looking at other options as he aims to find a way to unlock the potential of the Jets offense.

Count on the Draft?

New York is one of the NFL betting heartlands of the US, and when the Jets came to the Draft last season, almost all of their gambles paid off. So, could the Draft be the answer to their quarterback problems in 2023?

It is possible, but the odds may be stacked against it. This year, there are multiple quarterback options, including four highly rated passers in the top 20, but this time, the Jets have fewer Draft options. They are likely to have the 15th pick in the first round, so their quarterback options will probably be limited to Anthony Richardson from Florida or possibly CJ Stroud from Ohio State.

Stroud has plenty of upsides, as a strong passer from the pocket, and he could work well in the confines of the structured offense that Mike LaFleur runs. Richardson is considered to be more likely available at 15, however, and although he has a strong arm and good athleticism, he is not reliable and has a tendency to miss easy throws¾making him too similar to Wilson for comfort.

In any case, the Jets’ roster looks like it is ready to win now, so developing another young quarterback is not what they need to be doing in 2023.

Veteran Options

The most likely and most interesting option for the Jets is to look for an established, high-quality veteran quarterback, allowing White to be the backup.

There are certainly some interesting options to consider. At the top of the list are Aaron Rodgers and Derek Carr, who both may be available through trades. However, given the high price that the Denver Broncos had to pay to secure the services of Russell Wilson, the market value of Rodgers or Carr might be higher than the Jets will be willing to offer. Carr’s middling record and Rodgers’ recent decline might also give the Jets pause for thought, with the Broncos’ experience providing a salutary lesson in what can happen when you mortgage the future of the franchise in pursuit of short-term success.

Jets head coach Robert Saleh’s 49ers connections mean that free agent Jimmy Garoppolo is sure to be discussed at some point, but his record is not that spectacular¾he has a reputation for picking up injuries and his skill set is alarmingly similar to Zach Wilson’s. Sam Darnold and Geno Smith are other potential free agent options with Jets’ connections, but they probably won’t go down well with the fanbase.

The most intriguing and audacious move would be to attempt to lure Tom Brady from Tampa Bay. The 45-year-old will surely be looking for a team that is capable of getting to the Super Bowl in the short term and the Jets tick that box, plus, he would be returning to the familiar surroundings of the AFC East.

As the Jets plan to move to the next level, there are no easy quarterback options, but it seems likely that they will go for a veteran quarterback. Which one though, remains to be seen.

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