Von Miller , a two-time Super Bowl -winning Buffalo Bills player (2016 and 2022) , has been sued by a woman for sharing explicit material of “sexual acts” they both engaged in.

‘TMZ Sports’ publishes that the plaintiff, who responded to the name of Jane Doe and in 2020 had a romantic relationship with the famous ‘linebacker’ who was the MVP of the Super Bowl in 2016, denounces that Von Miller sent “sexually explicit photos” in “in a fit of jealousy, anger and rage”.

The sexual photo messages Von Miller allegedly sent to two celebrities

The woman accuses Von Miller of sending two messages to two famous people sharing their sexual images.

“This is the bitch you want? You can have her” and “This is the bitch you want?” are the two messages that the two celebrities allegedly received on May 7, 2020.

Jane Doe’s lawyer asks in the lawsuit for financial compensation for her client and Von Miller does not share those sexual images again.

The homemade sex video banned by Von Miller

In 2016 Von Miller, who volunteered to play in the NBA , fought to keep a home sex video from coming out .

The NFL star went to court for an alleged extortion of two million dollars by the model Elizabeth Ruiz for not broadcasting a sexual video of both

Apparently the tape was recorded with the consent of both, but Elizabeth Ruiz, who denies the extortion, did not want to erase it and told Miller: “I have you.”

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