The wife of soccer player Leo Messi, Antonela Roccuzzo, has adapted perfectly to Parisian life. A year has passed since the signing of the legendary striker by Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

After the first few months full of challenges, as she herself confessed in an Instagram post, the businesswoman now enjoys a much more stable day-to-day life full of satisfaction, such as that provided by her status as an ambassador for Louis Vuitton.

The young Argentine has also made new friends, and one of the most famous is the presenter Pilar Rubio, wife of fellow PSG player Sergio Ramos.

Messi and the Sevillian defender starred in a notable sporting rivalry during their time at FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, respectively, but as soon as they met in the locker room of their new club, that purely professional hostility led to a much more cordial relationship. And the good harmony that exists between their spouses is good proof of that.

In recent months, the always spectacular Pilar’s publications on social networks usually have Antonela as one of her most enthusiastic followers.

Without going any further, this weekend the former reporter has delighted her fans by sharing a video in which she appears doing weights in the gym, an initiative that Messi’s wife has celebrated with a comment full of emoticons in the form of flames.

Last August, on the other hand, the Madrilenian appeared before Internet users wearing a sensual body that enhanced her infinite curves.

On that occasion, the praise of Antonela materialized in these words. “What a bomb you are!”

According to sources from their environment, the truth is that several months had to pass before the two women coincided in an event and began to forge their current friendship.

It was earlier this year and on the occasion of the birthday of the daughter of Mauro Icardi, a footballer who left PSG at the end of the season.

After enjoying an entertaining evening, both began to follow each other on social networks and to interact in view of all users.

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