Before being a superstar in American football, the star quarterback played baseball and was even drafted by the Montreal Expos.

Tom Brady is one of the most iconic figures in the world of sports  because, in a career of eleven seasons in the NFL he has a series of achievements never before seen for a player in his discipline such as seven times Super Bowl champion , five times Super Bowl MVP, three-time MVP, two-time offensive player of the year, among others.

Before Tom Brady became one of the greatest players in NFL history, he had a brief stint in baseball and declined a major league offer from the Montreal Expos.

Next we will tell you about this facet of his life. When Brady began studying high school in San Mateo, California, his desire to play sports became present, drawing his attention first to baseball and also to American football , so he decided to enroll in the tests of both disciplines offered by the school. and managed to get in at two.

Brady honed his skills and became the catcher for the high school team,  characterized by the enormous potential he developed to get runners in second middle, although he also stood out as one of the most powerful left-handed hitters of his generation.

Upon graduating from high school and continuing his high school studies, Brady continued to play baseball and attracted the attention of the Montreal Expos, a  team that, after studying his statistics and power, selected him in the 18th round of the 1995 draft as the 507th pick. general and a bonus of $ 500,000.

As this was happening, the University of Michigan offered Brady an athletic scholarship to join the football team, so he ultimately decided to decline the idea of ​​becoming a professional baseball player and pursue his dream of being a quarterback and get to the NFL.

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