Chivas de Guadalajara and Toluca were the theme of the Apertura 2022 by starring in a strange play at the Nemesio Díez

A new move against the Chivas de Guadalajara was seen in Mexico, because in the Nemesio Díez it was seen how the VAR put its hand to reverse the sentence given by the main player of the match César Arturo Ramos, who at minute 80 sang a lack that later did not proceed within the area.

As a result, something that was to be expected, many journalists specialized in the beautiful game made known their point of view on this play that triggered a lot of controversy, letting it be known that it was a badly charged play and that they are against Chivas.

Among the comments given on social networks, we find personalities saying that “the VAR took a penalty from Chivas.” In addition, they also considered this move as a “slash” against the sacred herd.

On the other hand, the number of games in which Ricardo Cadena’s team has been affected by arbitration problems was also announced, thus being the fifth goal that was annulled, something that was also seen during the match.

Together, they also talked about how the VAR took action to take two points from the sacred herd to “benefit” Toluca.

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