Know what the Tarot cards predict for your future in love, health or work. This is the Tarot advice for the week of September 5 to 11, 2022

The tarot is a tool that can help us know what the future holds for this 2022. Nothing better than starting a new week with advice, advice, that clarifies us or gives us light for the days to come and thus be calmer, calm, of the steps or decisions that are presented to us in the coming days.

Now, take a minute, close your eyes and take a deep breath, let a number from one to three come to your mind, when the number comes, open your eyes quietly, now lower your eyes and read what the tarot wants to advise you for this new week.

1. Two of Cups

1. Two of Cups: Complicity, encounters, compatibility. Do not hesitate any longer, there where the heart beats stronger there it is, do not let this new opportunity that life gives you to be happy and rediscover love slip away again, this path will surely make you happy, but above all you will faith in the love of a couple will return. It will be absolutely worth trying one more time. Everything you plan this week regarding work will work out great for you, there will be no obstacle that will stop you from achieving the goal, just focus very well and leave your dreams and fantasies at home. It is an excellent time to separate yourself from energies that have only left you with anger and frustration, detach from things, situations or people that have already completed their cycle in your life, either for better or for worse. In the economy, instability is left behind and you regain the perfect balance with money, everything flows and you are once again enough for everything you need and want. Your health is very good, and if you are waiting for the diagnosis of any discomfort, wait for good and encouraging news.

2. Jack of Cups

2. Page of Cups: You may be going through a moment of great sensitivity, but this sensitivity will bring you great possibilities of creation, the muses take over you and you will do wonderful things with your hands, with your thoughts, with your emotions, you can capture them so nimbly that you can conquer any issue from this refreshing new illumination. You will handle the changes that come your way this week very intelligently, yes of course, you put your heart first, but you are going through a moment of perfect balance in your heart that there will be no doubt that this time he is right to guide you to take any decision. This week you will have new professional proposals, but you will not hesitate to remain faithful to the place where you are now finally comfortable, comfortable. Your emotional and physical health are in perfect harmony, so do not hesitate to continue doing the right thing so that this remains the case for a long time.

3. The Empress

3. The Empress: How powerful, powerful, you will walk this week, your brightness will be spectacular, you radiate security and a great personality, no one would hesitate to open a door for you or to hire you. It is a week where everything you touch grows, where you put the eye you put the bullet, literally every decision you make will be successful and of personal, work or economic growth. You finally recover, you finally feel that you can again be abundant in every way, you regain strength and vitality, your light will leave its mark these days. This day the economy improves remarkably, invest well, save, it is time to think about your economic future, now if you have everything to win. If you are thinking about growing your family, it is a good time to plan pregnancies, if you are thinking about making a marriage proposal, this is also a great time.

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